viBOT AI: Advancing Autonomous Robotic Monitoring in Construction

viBOT is an agile mobile robot empowered with computer vision technology, capable of autonomous navigation in complex and dynamic environments. It offers a groundbreaking solution for automating remote inspections on construction sites through the use of AI Video Analytics.

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Location: Reykjavik,Iceland
Release time: Aug. 2019


  • Enhanced Safety Measures: Significantly reduce the risk of fatal injuries with enhanced safety measures. Enjoy efficient control from anywhere at any time, with 360-degree progress tracking, and never miss a detail thanks to viBOT’s mission autonomy.
  • Worker Safety & Health Assurance: Leverage multiple AI modules to ensure the safety of workers on the jobsite. Detect PPE non-compliance, smoking, falling people/objects, danger zones, and maintain social distancing. viBOT triggers sound and lighting alarms for nearby workers and instantly notifies stakeholders via messaging apps and email about any non-compliance.
  • Comprehensive Documentation: viBOT, driven by AI and computer vision, autonomously captures 360-degree images and videos on the jobsite while tracking progress. Simultaneously, it records intelligent insights in cloud-based document repositories.
  • Remote Control & Inspection: Eliminate the need for frequent site visits as viBOT digitizes every asset and infrastructure inspection. Monitor your project’s progress and adjust viBOT’s mission in real-time from anywhere.
  • Digital Twin Creation: Integrating a 3D scanner and automated site scanning program, viBOT creates digital twins of jobsites, identifying rework and resolving issues before they impact your budget or schedule.

Use Cases:

  • Smart Site Safety System: Automate remote inspections on construction sites, ensuring safety through AI Video Analytics.
  • Work at Height Safety: Monitor and ensure safety during work at height activities in construction.
  • PPE Detection: Detect and ensure compliance with Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) requirements at construction sites.
  • Danger Zone Alert: Prevent entry into dangerous areas at construction sites through timely alerts.
  • Fleet Management: Efficiently manage and track construction site vehicles and equipment.
  • Confined Space Safety: Monitor and ensure safety in confined spaces at construction sites.
  • AI for Decarbonization: Utilize AI technology to reduce carbon emissions and promote sustainable practices in construction.
  • Environmental Monitoring: Monitor and track environmental factors for safety and compliance in construction sites.

viBOT is a game-changing autonomous robot that fuses computer vision and AI to transform remote inspections and safety practices in the construction industry.

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