PowerBI AI Lens

AI Lens: A Revolutionary Power BI Visual Empowered by OpenAI

AI Lens is a third-party visual for Microsoft Power BI that supercharges your dashboards. Effortlessly transform intricate client queries into insightful, data-driven answers directly from Power BI. Elevate your reports with a conversational AI system that resembles human interaction, while maintaining robust data security and privacy at its core.

Semrush rank: 1 billion
Location: Toronto,Canada
Release time: May. 2023


  • Effortless Query Transformation: Convert complex client queries into data-driven insights directly from your Power BI dashboard with ease.
  • Natural Language Conversations: Engage in human-like interactions with your dashboard. Ask questions and receive clear, conversational responses.
  • Seamless Power BI Integration: Effortlessly integrate our visual with any Power BI project.
  • Real-Time Analysis: Interact with up-to-date data sources for timely and relevant insights.
  • Data Control & Security: We uphold the highest data security standards, ensuring you retain full control over your data.

Use Cases:

  • Empowering Informed Decision-Making: AI Lens empowers clients to effortlessly make data-driven decisions.
  • Enhanced Reports: With AI Lens, add AI capabilities to your Power BI reports for a seamless and intuitive data analysis experience.
  • Personalized Customer Interactions: Maintain a cohesive, professional appearance with customizable aesthetic options.

AI Lens delivers a robust, secure, and convenient solution to supercharge your Power BI reports with the power of OpenAI. Its user-friendly, integrable design and conversational capabilities make client interactions and data-driven decision-making effortless and enlightening.

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