Hachi - Effortless Natural Language Media Search

Discover the power of Hachi, an intuitive tool designed for conducting natural language searches within your personal video and image collections. With features like face recognition, enhanced video search, and unwavering data privacy, it revolutionizes the way you explore your media files.

Semrush rank: 24.4m
Location: India
Release time: Sep. 2019


  • Comprehensive Media Search: Effortlessly find scenes, objects, and individuals in your video and image libraries using plain text queries.
  • Local Content Indexing: Locally index your media files for quicker and more efficient search experiences.
  • Facilitate Image Searches: Elevate your image searches with Hachi’s face recognition capabilities, ensuring maximum privacy as it operates locally.
  • Privacy at the Core: Hachi works offline and diligently safeguards your data, respecting your right to personal data security.
  • Unified Database Search: Search through all your indexed videos and images simultaneously, providing unparalleled convenience.

Use Cases:

  • Efficient Media Navigation: Leverage Hachi’s natural language interface to swiftly and effortlessly explore extensive collections of personal videos and images.
  • Search for Personal Moments: Employ Hachi’s face recognition feature to find loved ones throughout your entire image collection, preserving cherished personal moments.
  • Offline Data Exploration: Hachi operates entirely offline, ensuring you can search your local files at any time and from anywhere, without the need for an internet connection.

Hachi is the cutting-edge solution for seamlessly navigating vast media collections. It offers robust search interfaces and advanced capabilities while prioritizing the security and privacy of your data.

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