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ImageChat AI: Revolutionizing Computer Vision with Chooch AI Vision Studio

Unlock the extraordinary potential of Chooch, the world's leading full-lifecycle computer vision software platform. Empowering enterprises and ecosystem partners to replicate human visual tasks across all industries and deploy them with unmatched speed and precision.

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  • Image Chat TM (beta): Access an extensive library of over 40 million distinct classes for unparalleled visual recognition.
  • General Object Detection 3.1: Accurately identify objects across 80 diverse classes, ensuring precise recognition.
  • General Object Detection 4.0 (80): Extend your object detection capabilities with 80 distinct classes for comprehensive recognition.
  • Aerial (Drone) Object Detection 3.2: Efficiently detect objects in aerial imagery across 9 unique classes.
  • Rifle, Handgun Detection 3.0 (CCTV): Enhance security with the ability to identify rifles and handguns, categorized into 2 distinct classes.
  • Face Detection 3.0: Achieve precise face detection, focusing on a single class for accurate recognition.
  • Mask Detection 3.0: Identify the presence of masks with 2 distinct classes, contributing to enhanced safety measures.
  • Demographics (Face) 5.0: Gain valuable insights with demographics recognition, spanning 15 different classes.
  • Human Fall Detection 2.0: Improve safety with the ability to detect human falls, categorized into 2 classes.
  • PPE Detection 4.1: Ensure safety compliance with 8 classes for Personal Protective Equipment detection.
  • General Deep Detection 2.0: Unlock deep object detection across a staggering 11,221 distinct classes.
  • Unknown Objects 1.0: Detect unidentified objects, focusing on a single class for precision.
  • General Deep Detection 3.0: Extend deep object detection capabilities with the same comprehensive range of 11,221 distinct classes.
  • General Object Detection 4.0 (500): Expand object detection to 500 distinct classes, catering to a wide range of recognition needs.
  • No Glove Detection 2.0: Identify the absence of gloves with a single class for enhanced safety measures.
  • Text Recognition 5.0: Effortlessly recognize text content with a dedicated model optimized for efficient text detection.
  • Crowding Detection 2.0 (CCTV): Identify crowding situations with 2 distinct classes for security and safety.
  • Fire, Handgun, Rifle Detection 5.0: Enhance security with precise detection of fire, handguns, and rifles across 3 distinct classes.
  • Fire, Smoke Detection 2.0 (CCTV): Boost safety measures by detecting fire and smoke with 2 distinct classes.
  • No Hardhat, No Safety Vest Detection 2.0 (CCTV): Improve safety compliance by detecting the absence of hardhats and safety vests with 2 distinct classes.
  • Unique Person Identification (REID) 2.0 (CCTV): Identify unique individuals with a focus on a single class for personalized recognition.
  • License Plate Recognition 2.0 (US): Efficiently recognize license plates in the United States with a single class for precise identification.
  • License Plate Recognition 2.0 (KSA): Achieve accurate license plate recognition in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with a single class for efficient identification.
  • Demographics (Body) 1.0: Gain comprehensive insights into body demographics with 6 distinct classes for in-depth recognition.

Use Cases:

  • Image Classification Models: Explore a variety of 24 models for image classification tailored to meet your specific recognition needs.
  • Object Detection Models: Access 24 distinct models for object detection, providing precise recognition across diverse classes.
  • Facial Detection Models: Achieve facial detection with a specialized model designed for accurate and reliable recognition.
  • Text Recognition Models: Effortlessly recognize text content with a dedicated model optimized for efficient text detection.

ImageChat AI, powered by Chooch, is an essential platform and API for facial and image recognition, empowering businesses to harness the full potential of visual intelligence, ensuring precision and accuracy across a wide range of industries.

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