by Rank One Computing: Advancing Intelligent Computer Vision for Enhanced Security and Safety

Harnessing the power of facial recognition, AI, and computer vision to deliver swift, precise, and secure solutions, fostering a safer and more convenient world.

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Location: Reykjavik,Iceland
Release time: Dec. 2017


  • SDK for Automatic License Plate Recognition: Seamlessly integrate the industry’s swiftest and most accurate facial, object, and text recognition software, complemented by advanced liveness detection, into your solution.
  • Cutting-edge Tattoo Recognition Solutions: Identify individuals, vehicles, and objects across multi-camera systems, automate alert systems, and empower informed decision-making for enhanced security.
  • Tailored Facial Recognition Software: Deploy AI and machine learning-powered computer vision solutions customized to meet your specific requirements and achieve your objectives.

Use Cases:

  • Financial Technology (FinTech): Safeguard against fraud, foster customer loyalty, and expedite remote customer onboarding with swift identification processes.
  • Public Safety Enhancement: Facilitate seamless access control, enhance intelligence gathering, and support thorough investigative efforts to ensure public safety.
  • National Security Strengthening: Fortify borders, safeguard critical assets, improve operational effectiveness, and augment intelligence capabilities to enhance national security.
  • Commercial Security and Engagement: Secure physical spaces, streamline operations, and proactively monitor potential threats to ensure consistent and safe commercial operations., developed by Rank One Computing, leads the industry in delivering the swiftest and most accurate facial and object recognition solutions, facilitating efficient authentication and verification processes. Alternatives: Related Articles:

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