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Duckduckgoose AI: Effortless AI Deepfake Detection with DeepDetector Software

Experience the simplicity of DeepDetector, an AI Deepfake Detection Software specially crafted to identify AI-generated or manipulated faces. Discover how it operates and what it can uncover here!

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Location: Reykjavik,Iceland
Release time: Jul. 2021


  • Swift & Accurate Detection: Achieve swift and dependable identification of deepfake content in real-time, boasting an exceptional accuracy rate of up to 99% and an astonishingly rapid analysis time of just 1 second.
  • Tailored Integration: Empower your organization with the flexibility of API integration, allowing seamless customization and incorporation of our deepfake detection solution into your existing identity verification systems.
  • Comprehensive Deepfake Recognition: Our cutting-edge AI algorithms are meticulously designed to pinpoint a wide array of deepfake techniques, encompassing face swaps, lip-syncing, and manipulated audio.
  • Transparency & Explanations: Our advanced AI algorithms meticulously scrutinize videos and images for indications of manipulation, providing detailed explanations of any detected deepfakes, allowing you to take informed and appropriate action.

Use Cases:

  • Face Extraction: Initiate the deepfake detection process by extracting all visible faces from images or videos.
  • In-depth Analysis: Following face detection, our deepfake detection technology springs into action, thoroughly analyzing the faces to unearth traces of deepfakery.
  • Detection & Explanation: The analysis results include the probability assessment of the input being a deepfake and an Activation Map that substantiates the classification.

Duckduckgoose AI presents DeepDetector, a robust tool for identifying AI-generated or manipulated faces, ensuring authenticity, and safeguarding against fraud. Its remarkable speed, accuracy, and detailed explanations distinguish it from other solutions.

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