Xpression Camera

Xpression Camera: Real-time Virtual Camera App with AI Technology

Transform into anyone or anything with Xpression Camera. Create content, control your persona, and animate without the need for processing time.

Pricing: Freemium,$8/mo
Semrush rank: 1.3m
Location: Hayes,United Kingdom
Release time: Jul. 2020


  • Instant Image Transformation: Transform instantly into anyone or anything on any photo, without any processing time.
  • Real-time Persona Redefinition: Redefine your onscreen persona in real-time while chatting on apps like Zoom, Twitch, or creating content.
  • Voice2Face Technology: Be off-camera while the app animates your image on screen with voice recognition technology.
  • Privacy Protection: Maintain complete privacy with Xpression Camera’s image-on-screen feature, preventing the accidental exposure of true identities.

Use Cases:

  • Video Chatting: Use Xpression Camera to chat on apps like Zoom without a webcam, or create engaging content on video sharing platforms.
  • Live Streaming: Engage your audience on live streaming platforms with an innovative and personalized experience that sets you apart from others.
  • Content Creation: Xpression Camera is the one-stop-shop for content creators, offering tools and resources to create professional-quality memes, GIFs, and more.

Xpression Camera is the perfect app for anyone who wants to be more engaging and expressive during video calls, live streaming, or content creation. Its innovative features and tools provide endless opportunities for letting your creativity run wild.

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