Edge Dance

Edge Dance: Editable Dance Generation from Music

Edge Dance is a powerful method capable of creating realistic and physically-plausible dances. It uses a transformer-based diffusion model paired with Jukebox, a strong music feature extractor that allows it for joint-wise conditioning, motion in-betweening, and dance continuation.

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  • Music Embeddings from Jukebox Model: Edge Dance uses music embeddings from the Jukebox model to understand music and create high-quality dances even for in-the-wild music samples.
  • Editable Synthesis: Edge Dance supports arbitrary spatial and temporal constraints. It can be used to create long dances or dances subject to joint-wise constraints.
  • Physical Plausibility: Edge Dance avoids unintentional foot sliding. It is trained with physical realism in mind. It learns when feet should and shouldn’t slide using new Contact Consistency Loss.

Use Cases:

  • Generation of Dances for Any Music: Edge Dance can generate high-quality, realistic dances that match any chosen music input.
  • Animation and Gaming Industry: Edge Dance can be used in the animation and gaming industry to create lifelike dances according to the game music.
  • Film and Entertainment Industry: Edge Dance can be used in the film and entertainment industry to choreograph dances suited to various music scores.

Edge Dance, with its advanced technology and broad understanding of music, stands as a revolutionary technology that opens up vast potential in the field of dance choreography, gaming, film, and the entertainment industry.

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