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Magic Drawing: Desenho e IA for macOS

Magic Drawing: Desenho e IA is an intuitive drawing application for macOS 12.0 and later, offering advanced features and superb performance for all macOS users. The application utilizes Mac technology and AI assistance to bring the charm in expressing oneself, alongside a variety of other innovative attributes.

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  • Precision Drawing: Use built-in or connected trackpads as a magical drawing portal, or employ a traditional drawing method with Magic Drawing.
  • AI Integration: Enjoy an incredible built-in AI assistant based on Stable Diffusion for enhancing your artwork with Magic Drawing.
  • Pressure Sensitivity: Use the pressure-sensitive surface of the Force Touch trackpad to precisely adjust your strokes with Magic Drawing.
  • Brush Customization: Configure fill styles, size, pressure, and opacity settings to create the perfect brush with Magic Drawing.
  • Layering and Pages: Employ layers to amplify your creations or convert them into pages to review your project like a sketchbook with Magic Drawing.

Use Cases:

  • Professional Artists: Ideal for professional artists seeking a digital platform for their art, providing various tools for detailed and precise artwork with Magic Drawing.
  • Studying & Education: Useful for students and educators in art and design, providing an interactive platform for intuitive learning and teaching with Magic Drawing.
  • Hobbyists: Great for hobbyists and amateur artists who wish to explore digital drawing and express their creativity with Magic Drawing.

Magic Drawing: Desenho e IA is an advanced and easy-to-use drawing application on Mac, bringing the art to the next level with its precision tools, customizable brushes, and AI assistant. It’s a must-try for professionals and hobbyists seeking to expand their digital drawing possibilities.

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