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Release time: Jan. 2019


  • Effortless Video Proofing: Elevate the precision of visual feedback using markers, annotations, and file attachments. Explore two video review modes: ‘Frame-by-Frame’ for meticulous changes and ‘Loop’ for repeated video segments.
  • Structured Creative Pipeline Management: Organize your workflow with custom pipelines, folders, and support for various file types. Assign team members to project stages, manage deadlines, versions, and maintain a coherent creative process.
  • Invite Clients for Seamless Proofing: Reduce revisions by receiving clear feedback through visual comments and automatic timestamping. Send notes directly from and expedite project approvals.
  • Efficient Team Workload Control & Planning: Gain insight into the production process and team workload with a Calendar view and Gantt chart. Managing a remote team becomes simple and efficient.

Use Cases:

  • Ideal for Animation and Video Production Companies: Analyze subtle production frame changes and effectively manage your creative team’s workflow. Assign projects, provide instant feedback, and monitor progress with
  • Storyboard Creation and AI-Powered Animatics: Craft storyboards and bring them to life with the help of AI-powered animatics. Enhance content creation speed and efficiency.
  • Seamless Online Collaboration and Remote Team Management: Work seamlessly with your remote team, delegate tasks, and simplify communication. makes remote collaboration stress-free and highly productive.

Accelerate your media projects and enhance team collaboration with Our solution is tailored to your specific needs, free from unnecessary features. Try it for free and streamline your creative pipeline! Alternatives: Related Articles:

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