Typpo: The First Design Tool Powered by Voice

Experience the incredible speed of video creation with Typpo, the very first motion design tool powered by your voice. Just speak into your phone, and watch our advanced A.I. technology transform your words into visually stunning animations.

Pricing: Free
Semrush rank: 4.3m
Location: Tempe,United States of America
Release time: Jan. 2023


  • Effortlessly Create Engaging Videos: With Typpo, creating engaging videos in mere seconds is a breeze – simply speak into your phone and let the magic happen.
  • No Design Skills or Typing Required: Typpo opens the door for anyone to share their ideas with the world, regardless of their design skills or typing abilities.
  • Share on Your Favorite Social Media Channels: Share your captivating videos directly from the app on your favorite social media channels or send them as messages to friends and family.
  • Empower Your Audience to Generate Branded Messages for Free: Say goodbye to paying for ads no one cares about – it’s time to empower your audience to create endless branded messages for free with Typpo.

Use Cases:

  • Personal Use: Use Typpo to create videos for personal enjoyment, to share with friends and family, or to promote your personal projects on social media.
  • Brand Marketing: Brands can harness Typpo to craft engaging content and empower their audience to generate branded messages at no cost.

Discover the ease of turning your voice into captivating videos with Typpo. Typpo is a product of BeatPitch Inc., a Science portfolio company.

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