Motion Task Manager

Motion Task Manager: Elevate Your Productivity with All-in-One Task and Project Management

Effortlessly manage calendars, meetings, projects, and tasks in a single app with Motion Task Manager.

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Release time: Dec. 2015


  • Calendar: Access your calendar easily from any browser window. Prioritize tasks automatically based on importance. Receive deadline reminders and adjust schedules for unexpected events.
  • Project Manager: Tailored plans for teams with automatic creation of to-do lists and scheduling recurring tasks. Seamlessly add tasks using the mobile app from anywhere.
  • Task Manager: Create and view tasks in just 10 seconds. Open with a single click from any website window. Enjoy automated to-do list creation for efficient task management.
  • Meeting Assistant: Optimize work time by limiting meetings and preserving uninterrupted work periods. Safeguard crucial time for essential tasks.

Use Cases:

  • Service Businesses: Stay organized while managing multiple clients and projects.
  • IT Service Providers: Efficiently manage project deadlines and keep track of client requests.
  • Marketing Agencies: Stay on top of project timelines and monitor campaign progress.
  • Design Agencies: Organize deadlines and efficiently manage team projects for seamless project delivery.
  • Law Firms: Stay on top of case deadlines and manage team projects within the firm.
  • Consulting Businesses: Track client requests and manage multiple projects simultaneously with ease.
  • Trades People: Maintain appointments and schedules for various job sites and appointments.
  • Repair and Installation Firms: Track repair jobs from start to finish for better project management.
  • Real Estate Management: Manage property maintenance schedules and deadlines for improved task management.
  • Functional Teams: Track project progress, manage team deadlines, and safeguard time for essential work.
  • Startups: Effectively manage multiple projects and deadlines while tracking team schedules.
  • Product Teams: Monitor product development timelines and manage team projects for efficient delivery.
  • Marketing Teams: Track campaign progress and manage project timelines with ease.
  • Sales Teams: Organize client meetings and prioritize tasks for efficient sales performance.
  • Executive Teams: Organize schedules, track tasks, and manage meeting schedules for better efficiency.
  • Teams: Track project progress, manage deadlines, and safeguard time for essential work.

Motion employs artificial intelligence to plan your day and your team’s, saving 30.3 days per year. Explore features like automatic task and project management, calendar optimization, and intelligent meeting scheduling. Try Motion for free for seven days and join over 20,000 satisfied customers in enjoying superior task management.

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