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Berrycast: Revolutionizing Project Communication for Seamless Delivery

Simplify project communication effortlessly. Berrycast automates the process of recording, transcribing, and summarizing project conversations, ensuring clarity on tasks, timelines, budgets, and more. Book a demo now to experience the difference.

Pricing: Paid,$5/mo
Semrush rank: 1.3m
Location: Paris,France
Release time: May. 2018


  • Visual Business Case for Effective Communication: Enhance client meetings with persuasive visual business cases, project pitches, and budgets to secure quick and easy buy-in, transforming unproductive sessions into productive collaborations.
  • Screen-Recorded Videos for Clarity: Elevate your project pitch with crystal-clear screen-recorded videos. Promote accountability by presenting clear tasks, timelines, budgets, and risk assessments for enhanced communication and understanding.
  • Visual Task Management and Feedback: Revolutionize project management with visual tasks and feedback. Assign and provide visual feedback within your project management tools, leveraging AI-powered conversation summaries and bug reporting for improved documentation.
  • Visual Documentation for Project Closure: Efficiently create visual documentation from project initiation to completion. Summarize project learnings in official documentation, ensuring organized deliverables and a valuable reference for future projects.

Use Cases:

  • Project Management: Enhance communication, provide clarity, assign tasks, and manage feedback to prevent project delays caused by misunderstandings.
  • Client Communication: Transform client meetings with compelling visual business cases and clear, concise screen-recorded videos for quick and easy buy-in.
  • Documentation and Handover: Organize deliverables and documentation for seamless project closure with effective visual documentation and official reference materials for future use.

Berrycast addresses common project management challenges by automating the recording, transcribing, and summarizing of project conversations, ensuring streamlined communication and timely project delivery.

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