Collie: Elevate Your Engineering Team Management with AI Precision

Collie stands as an esteemed AI-powered team management tool meticulously crafted to optimize productivity in engineering teams. Seamlessly capturing, summarizing, and organizing everything you need from your meetings, Collie ensures a streamlined experience, letting you forget about the fuss and concentrate on what truly matters: the discussion.

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Location: Toronto,Canada
Release time: Sep. 2019


  • Automated Note-Taking: Collie effortlessly takes automatic notes during your meetings, creating a concise summary that allows you to focus on the conversation at hand.
  • Streamlined Action Items: Effortlessly keep track of action items, all centralized and searchable in the context of the conversation, ensuring nothing slips through the cracks.
  • Feedback Overview: Gain a clear view of feedback shared over time, enabling the identification of signs of burnout and potential issues for prompt resolution.
  • Enhanced Meeting Structure: Collie provides templates for 1:1s, retrospectives, and standups with real-time collaborative editing, ensuring a well-structured and efficient meeting experience.
  • Intelligent Preparations: Ensure meeting readiness through Collie’s smart agenda suggestions and scheduling features, enhancing the overall preparedness and focus.

Use Cases:

  • Enhanced Collaboration for Remote Teams: Collie streamlines meetings, encouraging focused conversations and ensuring that everyone’s opinions are heard clearly, ideal for remote team collaboration.
  • Efficient Meeting Management: Manual note-taking and follow-up chores are eliminated by Collie, freeing up time for more productive work during and after meetings.
  • Improved Team Communication: With automated transcription and recording, Collie ensures that no one misses out on important discussions, fostering improved team communication.
  • Crisis Prevention: Regular feedback and overviews provided by Collie allow managers to identify team issues before they escalate into significant problems, preventing crises.
  • Accountability and Transparency: Collie’s automatic tracking and documentation of decisions ensure accountability and transparent workflows within the engineering team.

Collie seamlessly blends AI with smart management practices to deliver a comprehensive solution for engineering teams. Take a step towards ‘calm engineering’ and experience enhanced productivity, improved team communication, and more effective meetings.

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