EmployPlan: Empowering Employee Growth and Streamlining Workforce Management

Elevate your team's potential and simplify employment planning with EmployPlan. Monitor employee development effortlessly, match skills to project requirements in a click, and expedite recruitment planning – all within a single application.

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Release time: May. 2020


  • AI-Powered IT Consultancy Automation: Stay informed with up-to-date insights into available skills within your business. Effortlessly match people’s skills to project requirements, detect risks in advance, and manage operations seamlessly – all within the EmployPlan app.
  • Grow: Effortlessly manage skills in your company with EmployPlan’s AI-driven skill tracking. Say goodbye to surveys and endless manager calls. Create personalized development plans and receive tailored training recommendations aligned perfectly with your business needs.
  • Identify: Access the right insights for your company. EmployPlan allows you to quickly analyze available skills and optimize their usage. Generate detailed, customized reports with templates tailored to your business needs, selecting only the data you require.
  • Schedule: Effortlessly schedule people to project teams with EmployPlan. Simplify project assignment planning with features like partial allocations, holiday planning, notifications, person recommendations, and more. Minimize double-booking and wasted resources.
  • Integrate: Connect data from your favorite systems seamlessly. EmployPlan integrates with over 3000 applications through native and Zapier integrations, ensuring a smooth flow of information.

Use Cases:

  • Skill Finder: Quickly find the right individuals for specific tasks by searching and matching their skills with your project requirements effortlessly.
  • Shared Project Calendar: Keep track of project schedules, team assignments, and deadlines in a shared calendar, ensuring efficient collaboration and resource allocation.
  • No More Overload: Receive notifications when an employee’s capacity is reached, allowing you to manage workloads and prevent burnout while maintaining progress.
  • Personalized Look: Customize EmployPlan’s interface to match your brand, making project planning and management more enjoyable and aligned with your organizational identity.
  • Uncluttered Workspace: View all necessary project details and team assignments on one screen, eliminating the need for multiple tabs and boosting overall productivity.

EmployPlan offers a robust platform for effectively managing employee growth, skill tracking, project planning, and resource allocation. With intuitive features and seamless integrations, it simplifies workforce management for businesses of all sizes.

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