Loti - Safeguard Your Private Images

Guard against non-consensual sharing of intimate images using Loti's advanced facial recognition technology.

Pricing: Paid,$8/mo
Semrush rank: 4.3m
Location: Reykjavik,Iceland
Release time: Jul. 2022


  • Upload. Search. Find.: Users can securely upload their photos, search for potential matches of intimate images or videos, and effortlessly locate where they are posted online.
  • Content Creators: Loti aids content creators in safeguarding their work from unauthorized proliferation on free platforms and facilitates the removal of non-consensual media posts.
  • Individuals: Ensuring individual safety, Loti promptly alerts users if their private images or videos are found online and assists in their swift and affordable removal.
  • Parents & Children: Loti empowers vigilant parents to secure their children’s online safety, preventing the posting of non-consensual content and ensuring a protective digital environment.

Use Cases:

  • Privacy is Our Top Priority: Loti prioritizes user privacy by refraining from storing any personal images and employing default opt-out settings.
  • Why We Shouldn’t Say Revenge Porn Anymore: Loti imparts research-backed information to educate individuals about the implications of non-consensual sharing of intimate images.
  • Extra Safety Tips That Will Keep You Safe: Loti reinforces that non-consensual intimate image sharing is not the user’s fault and provides additional safety tips for online well-being.

Empower yourself and your loved ones against non-consensual sharing of intimate images using Loti’s cutting-edge facial recognition technology.

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The website employs a distinctive puzzle-based human verification system, requiring the disablement of Google Translate.

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