Ambient AI - Revolutionizing Physical Security with Computer Vision Intelligence empowers security teams with advanced threat detection and visual verification, significantly reducing false alarms and elevating overall security measures.

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Location: Stanford,United States of America
Release time: Dec. 2017


  • Proactive Risk Alerts: Real-time reduction of false alarms using patent-pending full scene video context, effectively filtering out non-incidents.
  • Graph-Powered Forensics: Swift post-incident forensics by utilizing visual attributes of objects, facilitating efficient search across various locations and times.
  • Mobile Dispatch: Seamless dispatch of security personnel with integrated video intelligence, providing a preview of the scene for better decision-making.
  • Reduce False Alarms by 93%: Innovative use of patent-pending full scene video context to filter out 99% of noisy alarms, ensuring real incidents are dispatched in real-time.
  • Speed Up Investigations by 90%: Efficiently locate every video moment featuring specific objects, accelerating post-incident investigations.
  • Respond 10x Faster: Empower responders with video intelligence integrated into dispatches, allowing them to preview scenes before arriving, ensuring faster response times.
  • Designed for Human-Machine Collaboration: User interfaces and workflows crafted for seamless human-machine collaboration, reducing adoption barriers and enabling high performance in high-stress scenarios.

Use Cases:

  • Safety Falls & Medical Issues: Immediate dispatch of emergency services upon detecting falls or medical issues.
  • High Impact Alarm Reduction: Officers respond only to AI-verified alerts, effectively reducing false alarms.
  • Medium Impact Perimeter Breach: Local police apprehend intruders before any damage is done.
  • High Impact Weapon Detection: Averting life-threatening situations through timely detection of weapons.’s computer vision intelligence revolutionizes physical security, offering automated threat detection and enhanced visual verification for superior security effectiveness.

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