Escape API Security: Fortify Your ChatGPT Plugin Manifests

Escape introduces a comprehensive ChatGPT Security platform for robust API security, featuring CI/CD integration, performance testing, and more. Register now to construct resilient and secure ChatGPT plugins.

Semrush rank: 3.0m
Location: France
Release time: Feb. 2020


  • Effective API Security: Escape’s ChatGPT Security platform implements comprehensive security measures for safeguarding OpenAI ChatGPT Plugins.
  • CI/CD Integration: Seamless integration with your CI/CD processes ensures continuous security checks for ChatGPT plugins.
  • Performance & Load Testing: Escape provides performance and load testing mechanisms to ensure that your APIs can handle heavy traffic without compromising security.
  • 50+ Security Tests: More than 50 security tests are conducted by our platform to identify vulnerabilities and maintain the security of ChatGPT APIs.

Use Cases:

  • API Security for Developers: Developers can utilize the Escape platform to construct secure ChatGPT plugins for their organizations.
  • Pre-Production Bugs Fixing: Identify and rectify bugs in the API before reaching production with the help of Escape’s thorough security tests.

Escape presents a robust and comprehensive ChatGPT Security platform tailored for OpenAI ChatGPT plugins. Register now to ensure your ChatGPT plugins are fortified against vulnerabilities.

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The website employs a distinctive puzzle-based human verification system, requiring the disablement of Google Translate.

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