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Pentest Copilot: Your Ultimate Ethical Hacking Assistant

Experience the power of AI with Pentest Copilot, your ultimate companion in ethical hacking tasks. Featuring an AI model specifically tailored for security tasks, it seamlessly integrates global data and Constrained Programming for flawless JSON integration. With real-time command validation and a collaborative approach that embraces human interaction for guidance, Pentest Copilot delivers an efficient, accurate, and reliable solution for your pentesting needs.

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  • Retrieval Augmented LLM: Our AI model is precision-tuned for security tasks, leveraging global data to provide unparalleled assistance in your pentesting engagements.
  • Constrained Programming for Optimal Structure: Combining GPT with constrained programming ensures seamless JSON integration, enhancing overall efficiency and accuracy.
  • Real-Time Command Validation: Utilizing a low-latency model for validity checking, Pentest Copilot ensures quick and reliable responses to negative prompts and commands.
  • Human Interaction for Guidance: While capable of autonomous operation, Pentest Copilot recognizes the importance of human expertise in critical decision-making processes.

Use Cases:

  • Web Application Analysis: Detect vulnerabilities or flaws in web applications, providing valuable insights to enhance security.
  • Red Team Automation Solution: As Pentest Copilot evolves, it will integrate additional data points to transform into a comprehensive Red Team Automation solution, further elevating your capabilities.

Pentest Copilot represents the perfect synergy of AI and human collaboration, supporting you at every stage of your pentesting journey. It brings unprecedented assistance, accuracy, and efficiency to your ethical hacking engagements.

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The website employs a distinctive puzzle-based human verification system, requiring the disablement of Google Translate.

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