Vowel - Revolutionize Your Meetings with AI-Powered Summaries

Experience a paradigm shift in meeting efficiency with Vowel, a groundbreaking AI-powered platform that effortlessly summarizes meetings, identifies key takeaways, and generates actionable items.

Pricing: Freemium,$8.49/mo
Semrush rank: 279.0k
Location: Reykjavik,Iceland
Release time: Nov. 1998


  • Save time on admin work: Bid farewell to manual distillation of meeting notes and the laborious task of crafting summaries from scratch, as Vowel automates these processes for you.
  • Keep everyone on the same page: Share meeting summaries seamlessly on Slack, ensuring everyone stays informed and recalls the meeting’s crucial details.
  • Catch up on meetings you missed: Review concise summaries to stay abreast of missed meetings, facilitating efficient catch-up without missing essential information.
  • Stop having the same meeting twice: Effortlessly scan summaries to prevent redundant discussions. Jump to recordings or transcripts for additional context, avoiding repetitive conversations.

Use Cases:

  • Business Meetings: Efficiently summarize diverse meetings, including cross-functional ones with multiple stakeholders, capturing essential details effortlessly.
  • Team Collaboration: Enhance team collaboration by keeping everyone on the same page, preventing miscommunications through the seamless sharing of meeting summaries.
  • Personal Productivity: Boost personal productivity by saving time on manual note distillation, briefing absent team members, and eliminating the need to create summaries from scratch.
  • Meeting Review: Conveniently review past meetings with recorded sessions, transcripts, action items, and notes all accessible in one place.

Vowel’s automated meeting summaries empower you to reclaim time and lead effective meetings. Driven by AI, this platform not only summarizes discussions and identifies key takeaways but also generates action items. Whether catching up on missed sessions or fostering improved team collaboration, Vowel is your go-to solution for transforming the effectiveness of your meetings.

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