Groupthink: Redefining Efficiency in Remote Meetings

Elevate your remote meeting experience with Groupthink, the ultimate platform designed for efficient meeting management. With automatic note-taking, real-time agenda updates, and comprehensive meeting recaps, we are committed to making your meetings both productive and informative, regardless of your location.

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  • Automated Note-taking: Groupthink captures real-time notes, slides, action items, and updates the agenda automatically during meetings, ensuring a seamless note-taking experience.
  • Meeting Recaps: Upon the conclusion of each meeting, Groupthink shares comprehensive summaries, decisions, and next steps with all attendees. Even for those who missed the meeting, Groupthink ensures they stay updated.
  • Discoverable Meeting Summaries: Enable everyone in the organization to access meeting summaries and recaps, fostering the availability of valuable information across the entire organizational spectrum.
  • Mobile Friendly: Access Groupthink’s functionality from anywhere with its native iOS and Android apps. Prepare, host, and recap a meeting anytime, anywhere.
  • Free Usage: Currently in the learning phase, Groupthink is offered for free. Experience the benefits of automated meeting management without any charges.

Use Cases:

  • Efficient Remote Meetings: Groupthink facilitates smooth and efficient preparation, hosting, and recapitulation of remote meetings.
  • Keeping Absentees Updated: Ensure all invitees, including those who could not attend, stay in the loop with Groupthink’s automated sharing of meeting summaries and essential action steps.
  • Decluttering the Meeting Schedule: Reduce the burden of attending an overload of meetings by transferring important insights, discussions, and action plans via automatic notes and recaps.

Groupthink transforms remote meetings, making them less tedious and more productive with innovative features like automated note-taking and meeting recaps. Start your journey towards better meetings today, and it’s absolutely free!

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