Onward: Elevating Meetings with Effortless Automation for Ambitious Teams

Onward by Quinn Technologies Inc. introduces seamless automation to your vital conversations, ensuring that meetings become effortless for ambitious teams. Reach out now for a personalized product demo or secure your spot for early access.

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Location: Reykjavik,Iceland
Release time: Feb. 2017


  • Meeting Automation: Onward simplifies the automation of crucial meetings and conversations. With a user-friendly, powerful, and interconnected system, you can optimize and streamline your entire meeting processes.
  • Early Access: Stay ahead of the competition by gaining early access to our cutting-edge meeting automation technology. Join the league of forward-thinking teams benefiting from the transformative capabilities of Onward.

Use Cases:

  • Efficient Team Conversations: Navigate team meetings effortlessly. Onward facilitates efficient and productive team conversations by automating tasks such as creating follow-up actions and updating records.
  • Demonstrations and Presentations: Ensure smooth presentations and demonstrations with Onward. Manage your time effectively and effortlessly keep track of discussion points during these critical sessions.

Onward presents a robust solution for teams seeking to automate and streamline their meeting processes. Contact us today for a live demo or secure early access and elevate your team’s meeting experience.

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