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Vespa - Unleash the Power of Big Data Serving with AI

Harness the capabilities of AI for your data, online, and at any scale while enjoying unbeatable performance. Vespa is a fully-featured search engine and vector database. Explore its versatile use cases and robust features.

Semrush rank: 915.2k
Location: Kungalv,Sweden
Release time: Dec. 2017


  • Full-Featured Search Engine: Vespa offers a comprehensive search engine and vector database, supporting vector search (ANN), lexical search, and structured data search.
  • Recommendation and Personalization: Effortlessly evaluate recommender models over content items using fast vector search, filtering, and machine-learned model assessment.
  • Conversational AI: Real-time orchestration of storage, search, and reasoning operations enhances the utility of large language models.
  • Semi-structured Navigation: Combine structured data, text, and search functionalities for dynamic navigation and filtering, ideal for e-commerce applications.
  • Structured, Text & Vector Search: Perform advanced searches across structured data, text, and vectors in a single query, delivering advanced functionality and exceptional performance.
  • Machine Learning Support: Engineered for scalable and efficient machine-learned model inference, supporting a wide range of models from various machine learning tools.
  • Auto-elastic Data Management: Automatically distribute and redistribute data across nodes, eliminating concerns about data division and distribution.
  • Unbeatable End-to-End Performance: Vespa scales seamlessly to handle any volume of data and traffic, leveraging a C++ core for hardware-near optimizations and efficient resource utilization.

Use Cases:

  • Advanced Search Functionality: Leverage structured data, text, and vectors to achieve advanced search functionality and optimal performance.
  • Machine Learning Excellence: Enjoy scalable and efficient support for machine-learned model inference, accommodating a wide variety of models from different machine learning tools.
  • Effortless Data Management: Automatically distribute and redistribute data across nodes, simplifying data division and distribution concerns.
  • Unmatched Performance: Scale Vespa effortlessly to handle any volume of data and traffic while maintaining exceptional performance with efficient resource utilization.

Vespa empowers you to build production-ready search applications with AI capabilities at any scale, seamlessly handling big data and high traffic loads.

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