Kraftful: Empower Your Product Team with AI-Driven Insights

Kraftful is a cutting-edge AI-powered software built for product teams. It streamlines the collection and analysis of user feedback from diverse sources, helping you rapidly achieve product-market fit, engage with your users, and ultimately boost your overall revenue.

Semrush rank: 1.8m
Location: Reykjavik,Iceland
Release time: Mar. 2019


  • Feedback Analysis: Kraftful employs AI-powered solutions to save countless hours on feedback analysis, providing a precise understanding of user needs and preferences.
  • Deep Dive Feature: Kraftful harnesses ChatGPT-powered technology, allowing you to interact with your user data for quick and effective solutions to critical questions.
  • Export to Jira: Kraftful’s functionality enables you to seamlessly export insights to your issue tracking software, complete with AI-generated user stories.
  • Kraftful Plugin for ChatGPT: This complementary feature offers product coaching, delivering best-practice advice derived from renowned product experts.

Use Cases:

  • User Insight Collection: Companies turn to Kraftful to efficiently collect feedback from various sources and gain rapid insights into user needs.
  • Product Development Optimization: Product teams leverage Kraftful to streamline their product development, aligning it with user needs for enhanced engagement and increased revenue.
  • Discussion with User Data: Companies use the ChatGPT-powered technology for quick data assessment and interpretation, aiding in answering crucial questions and making informed decisions.
  • Issue Tracking and User Story Writing: Kraftful simplifies project management by exporting insights directly to issue tracking software, including AI-generated user stories.

Kraftful is the trusted choice of industry leaders for transforming vast volumes of user feedback into actionable insights, optimizing product development, and astonishing their customers. Accelerate your journey to product-market fit with Kraftful’s AI-powered tools.

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