Kyligence Copilot

Kyligence Copilot: Your Data Analysis AI Companion

Streamline data analysis and effortlessly grasp key business metrics with Kyligence Copilot. Engage in conversational data exploration, ask questions, and unveil actionable insights.

Pricing: Paid,$8/hr
Semrush rank: 1.4m
Location: Tempe,United States of America
Release time: Dec. 2015


  • AI Companion Understands Your Business: Effortlessly interprets natural language queries, translating intricate data into comprehensible business metrics.
  • Natural Language-Powered Data Insights: Empowers users with natural language-driven metric analysis, allowing questions in plain language and facilitating metric viewing, filtering, and sorting.
  • High-Performance, Cost-Efficient Metric Platform: Experience cost-effective, high-performance OLAP capabilities with Kyligence Zen + Copilot, meticulously designed for extensive enterprise requirements.
  • Effortless Metric Search and Analysis: Bid farewell to SQL queries and manual analytics. Allow Kyligence Copilot to provide insights based on chat queries.
  • Auto Root Cause Analysis via Chat: Proactively understand metric fluctuations and uncover root causes by engaging in chat-based analysis, staying ahead of potential business challenges.
  • Align Metrics with Business Objectives: Sync your metrics with business goals, pinpoint deviations, unearth underlying causes, and make metrics-driven decisions with Kyligence Copilot and Goals.
  • Embeddable AI Companion for Your Data: Leverage the versatile AI Companion for business metric assistance or seamlessly embed it in your app or SaaS for an intelligent, integrated assistant.
  • Secure and Responsible AI Companion for Data: Harness Azure OpenAI services (GPT 3.5) for secure and compliant AI experiences. Choose between SaaS or VPC deployment options for peace of mind.

Use Cases:

  • Democratize Data Analysis for Everyone: Make data analysis accessible to all with Kyligence Copilot’s user-friendly chat interface and natural language queries.
  • Transform Your Data Analytics Approach: Ditch the arduous data crunching and revolutionize your data analytics approach by intuitively conversing with your data and metrics.
  • Master Business Metrics and Goals: Kyligence Copilot keeps you on top of your metrics and goals, delivering actionable insights and aiding in decision-making.
  • Enhance App or SaaS Capabilities with AI: Embed Kyligence Copilot in your app or SaaS to bolster capabilities, provide an intelligent assistant, and simplify data-driven tasks.

Experience the potency of Kyligence Copilot to streamline data analysis, unearth insights, and effortlessly make metrics-driven decisions.

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