Revolutionize Sales Calls with AI-Driven Conversation Intelligence Platform

Elevate your sales game by recording, analyzing, and learning from every sales call with's cutting-edge AI-powered conversation intelligence platform.

Pricing: Freemium,$30/mo
Semrush rank: 8.8m
Location: Deerfield Beach,United States of America
Release time: Jun. 2018


  • Conversation Intelligence: Gain essential insights to enhance productivity, effectiveness, and win rates in your sales calls.
  • AI Note-Taking: Bid farewell to manual note-taking, build customer trust, and increase your chances of winning deals.
  • Pipeline Visibility: Achieve clarity on deals likely to close and their timelines, enabling fact-based revenue projections.
  • Sales Enablement: Leverage actual voice-of-customer data to create impactful sales enablement materials and shape effective go-to-market strategies.

Use Cases:

  • Sales Leaders: Attain ultimate clarity on every deal, facilitating informed decision-making.
  • Sales Reps: Simplify the sales process and increase your success rate in closing deals.
  • RevOps: Optimize sales operations and revenue generation through insightful data.
  • Recruiting: Enhance listening skills for better recruitment results.
  • B2B Insurance: Empower your insurance business with data-driven insights.
  • Become a Better Sales Coach: Explore the Whitepaper to enhance your coaching strategies.’s groundbreaking AI-driven conversation intelligence platform revolutionizes sales calls by recording, transcribing, and analyzing each interaction. It provides actionable insights to boost win rates. With features like conversation intelligence, AI note-taking, pipeline visibility, and sales enablement, sales leaders, reps, and RevOps teams can optimize processes and increase revenue. Recruiters and B2B insurance businesses benefit from improved listening skills. uses AI to score calls, gauge buyer sentiment, and eliminate guesswork, offering objective, unbiased insights for realistic sales forecasts and strategic decisions. Alternatives:


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