Colibri: Elevate Your Sales with Cutting-Edge AI Assistance

Colibri is a real-time conversation intelligence platform meticulously crafted to enhance sales efficiency. Unleash the potential of automatic AI notes and in-depth call analysis seamlessly integrated into your workflow. This robust AI not only equips you with the tools to secure deals faster but also provides live coaching to ensure every sales conversation is a resounding success.

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  • AI Meeting Summaries: Colibri automatically identifies next steps, customer questions, and other key points in your meetings, furnishing all the information needed for effective meeting preparation and swift follow-up.
  • Live Cue Cards: Colibri offers real-time contextual cue cards, ensuring reps are well-prepared to respond when faced with challenging questions, thereby enhancing rep performance in every call.
  • Searchable Call Library: Record, transcribe, analyze, and organize your sales calls with Colibri into a searchable call library, providing direct access to the voice of the customer.
  • Smart Checklists: Colibri’s smart checklists ensure that reps cover all key selling points and pose the right questions to propel deals forward.

Use Cases:

  • Real-time Coaching: Empower your sales reps with real-time AI guidance during sales calls, elevating their performance and enhancing customer retention.
  • Efficient Team Performance Analytics: With Colibri, measure crucial metrics like talk-to-listen ratio, customer sentiment, and script adherence, facilitating data-driven coaching.
  • Effortless CRM Integration: Simplify CRM updates with Colibri; it automatically logs calls and syncs meeting notes to your CRM, saving valuable selling time.

Integrating Colibri into your sales process will supercharge your team’s productivity, streamline follow-ups, sharpen coaching, and elevate overall meeting quality. The outcome? Increased sales efficiency and a higher number of closed deals. Alternatives:


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