TeacherMatic: Your AI-Powered Teaching Assistant

TeacherMatic is an AI-driven platform created by educators for educators. Utilizing GPT-3 technology, it transforms the teaching experience by streamlining tasks, prioritizing student engagement, and enhancing efficiency.

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Location: San Mateo,United States of America
Release time: Jan. 2023


  • Efficient Content Generators: From crafting lesson plans to assembling worksheets, TeacherMatic’s content generators save you valuable time by handling research and design.
  • Objective-Oriented Tools: Effortlessly define learning objectives with reference to Bloom’s taxonomy’s six cognitive domains.
  • Innovative Quiz Builder: Generate sets of multiple-choice questions for any topic, simplifying the process of assessing student learning outcomes.
  • Lesson Planning Made Easy: Efficiently plan and organize your lessons with TeacherMatic’s Scheme of Work Generator.
  • Rubrics and Glossary Creation: Quickly create grading criteria and compile glossaries for any topic or subject with ease.

Use Cases:

  • Educators and Instructors: Over 300 educators in the UK have harnessed the power of TeacherMatic to manage their workload, design lessons, and create educational resources effectively.
  • Educational Institutions: Enroll your educational institution to provide your educators with comprehensive professional licenses and top-rated teaching tools.

TeacherMatic leverages AI to empower educators, making their role less daunting and more geared toward creative interactions with their students. Try TeacherMatic today to transform your teaching experience.

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