Filtir: Your Reliable Fact-Checking Assistant for AI-Generated Content

Filtir is a cutting-edge tool designed to elevate the accuracy of AI-generated text. As a fact-checking ChatGPT plugin, this software meticulously evaluates the veracity of factual claims and promptly alerts you when supporting evidence is lacking. Filtir is efficient, user-friendly, and your dependable ally in upholding content integrity.

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  • Integrated Fact-Checking Plugin: Filtir seamlessly integrates as a plugin for ChatGPT, dedicated to scrutinizing AI-generated claims and assessing their truthfulness based on publicly available evidence.
  • Interactive Sample Demonstrations: Filtir offers interactive samples that vividly showcase its top-tier fact-checking capabilities, providing lucid and comprehensive fact-checking results for written text.
  • User Data Security: With Filtir, user data is safeguarded. Filtir does not engage in the sale or sharing of user data with third parties for marketing purposes.
  • Evidence Support Scoring: Filtir employs a scoring system to evaluate the strength of evidence supporting factual claims within text, facilitating a deeper understanding of content accuracy.

Use Cases:

  • Content Creators: AI-assisted content creators can rely on Filtir to ensure the factual precision of their content, significantly enhancing their credibility and the trustworthiness of their work.
  • Academic Pursuits: Researchers and students can utilize Filtir to authenticate the accuracy of AI-generated content, ensuring a high level of content integrity in their academic endeavors.
  • Machine Learning Applications: Machine learning system developers can count on Filtir to guarantee the accuracy of their AI-generated content, enhancing the reliability of their applications.

Filtir is an indispensable tool for individuals relying on AI generative models like ChatGPT. It offers a unique, effective, and trustworthy approach to fact-check AI-generated content, thereby enhancing the value and credibility of your work.

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