Steamship AI: Simplify AGI Development, Hosting, and Monitoring

Create, host, and manage Auto-GPT and Baby AGI models effortlessly. All you need is basic Python and a Steamship API key. Join our Discord community to experiment with hosted AGI.

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Location: Toronto,Canada
Release time: Sep. 1996


  • Auto GPT Experiments: Easily set up private instances and connect to Telegram for auto GPT experiments.
  • Instant Hosted Auto GPT Telegram Bot: Enjoy a hosted Auto GPT Telegram bot with advanced tools and real-time updates.
  • Product Agents: Leverage conversational software to enhance the user experience.
  • Hosting Packages: Explore comprehensive AI service hosting packages.
  • AI Plugins: Utilize flexible and composable AI models and tools.
  • Workspaces: Access cloud containers designed for AI workloads.

Use Cases:

  • AGI Enthusiasts: Join our Discord community to experiment with hosted AGI models with ease.
  • AI Developers: Empower your AI model development, monitoring, and enhancement with Steamship.
  • Business Owners: Improve customer experiences using conversational software powered by Steamship.

Simplify the development and hosting of your AGI models with Steamship AI. Join our Discord community and embark on your AGI journey today!

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