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Spheria AI: Your Personal AI Companion You Can Rely On

Build a personalized AI that's truly a reflection of you. Spheria AI opens doors to insightful conversations, provides answers, and connects with people whenever they need your input.

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Location: Tempe,United States of America
Release time: Jun. 2023


  • ALWAYS THERE, ALWAYS YOU: Your Personal Intelligence is available even when you’re not. It offers answers that only you can provide and is always ready to share your perspectives and be helpful.
  • PRIVATE 1:1 INTERACTIONS: Spheria creates a secure space for confidential one-on-one conversations with you. Your AI not only offers responses but also listens, collects feedback, and seeks people’s opinions.
  • ROBUST SECURITY: Each user enjoys an entirely separate database, with your data encoded and safeguarded using military-grade AES-256 encryption to ensure that only you can add or modify your information.
  • DATA OWNERSHIP: You have complete control and ownership of your data; it’s exclusively yours. Your data will never be used without your knowledge and consent.
  • RAPID AI GROWTH: Train your AI using your existing data from LinkedIn, social media, your blog, or website. Share links, documents, emails, interviews, and witness your AI’s rapid learning and growth!
  • ACCURACY MATTERS: Your AI will only respond when it’s absolutely certain. It won’t guess or invent answers. It’s the only AI unafraid to say ‘I don’t know’!

Use Cases:

  • What is Spheria AI?: Spheria AI is a user-friendly platform that assists you in crafting and cultivating your personal AI. It serves as your AI-driven Second Brain, always available to offer your insights and share your viewpoints.
  • Understanding Personal AI: A personal AI is a specialized AI category that equips you to create, train, and expand your very own AI. It learns from your skills, experiences, and stories.
  • Creating Your Personal AI: Spheria makes personal AI creation straightforward with no coding required. Your personal AI initiates its learning journey by asking you a few questions about yourself.
  • Training Your AI: Once you’ve built your personal AI, you can train it with your data. Import your existing data from LinkedIn, social media profiles, websites, blogs, publications, interviews, and more.
  • Our Business Model: We are currently exploring our business model, with a primary focus on maintaining user privacy and delivering valuable applications without intrusive ads.

Spheria AI is a platform that champions individuality and authenticity. It empowers users to connect with and understand the world through their unique life experiences.

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