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Spatial: Elevate Your Insights with AI-Enhanced Customer Feedback

Welcome to Spatial, the AI-powered platform that is reshaping customer discovery and user research processes. With dynamic and context-aware surveys and interviews, unlock profound insights to drive data-driven decisions.

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  • Value Unleashed with Spatial: Empower your product journey with Spatial, the AI-enhanced platform enabling dynamic surveys, insightful usability testing, and comprehensive feedback collection.
  • Rapid Validation: Spatial seamlessly integrates product demos within surveys, allowing users to experience and provide feedback in one place, minimizing the feedback loop.
  • Confident Insight Communication: Communicate customer insights confidently within your organization with AI-driven insights, ensuring alignment across your entire team.
  • Uncover Hidden Themes: Spatial assists in identifying underlying trends and patterns in your market research, offering a deeper understanding of your market’s thoughts and preferences.
  • Advanced Machine Learning: Utilizing machine learning, Spatial analyzes patterns in research data to comprehend the reasons behind changes in key market indicators, keeping you ahead of the curve.
  • Instant Insights: Spatial’s AI analyzes research data in real-time, providing immediate answers and insights.
  • Actionable Intelligence: Spatial delivers actionable market intelligence, empowering you to make informed, data-driven decisions.
  • Powerful Integrations: Spatial offers a suite of powerful integrations including Segment,, Amplitude, Mixpanel, Slack, Braze, and HTTP API, maximizing the potential of your data.

Use Cases:

  • Product Feedback: Harness real-time, dynamic feedback to refine your product’s features and enhance the user experience.
  • Customer Discovery: Gain insights into customer needs and preferences with interactive, AI-tailored surveys.
  • Usability Testing: Embed demos and simulate user interactions to ensure a seamless user journey and optimal product usability.
  • Capture Valuable Insights: Craft interactive surveys that adapt to respondents’ answers for capturing the most relevant insights.

Spatial, the AI-enhanced platform, is redefining customer interaction by delivering powerful insights and facilitating informed decision-making. Start your transformative journey today.

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