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Vocads - Reinventing Surveys with Voice

Discover Vocads, the AI-powered platform transforming the survey landscape through voice conversations. By facilitating direct communication, Vocads empowers businesses to gather genuine, comprehensive answers from customers and employees swiftly, leading to enhanced data for strategic adjustments.

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Location: PARIS,France
Release time: Jul. 2019


  • Direct Data Collection: Access insightful information directly from customers’ conversations, surpassing the limitations of traditional text surveys and providing more powerful, nuanced data.
  • Enriched Insights: Capture not only words and information but also emotions and nuanced responses, adding depth and richness to the collected survey data.
  • Easy Design with No-Code Platform: Intuitively create voice surveys from scratch without the need for coding knowledge. Save templates for reuse, streamlining the survey design process.

Use Cases:

  • Customer Voice Survey: Gather authentic, comprehensive responses from customers swiftly, enabling businesses to obtain richer data, adjust strategies, and enhance customer retention.
  • Employee Voice Survey: Empower employees by providing them with a voice. Engage them through efficient surveys, fostering improved management practices and cultivating a positive company culture.
  • Unleash the Power of Voice Data: Explore the superior insights derived from voice data compared to traditional text surveys. Benefit from direct data collection, enriched insights, and user-friendly no-code design tools.

Vocads revolutionizes the survey experience for businesses, enabling them to extract deeper insights and data from customers and employees through dynamic voice conversations. With its robust features, companies can adapt strategies and elevate customer experiences, fostering continuous improvement and growth. Embark on a transformative journey with voice surveys through Vocads today.

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