AI-Powered Surveys - Intelligent and Effortless Survey Creation

Experience the efficiency of BlockSurvey, an AI-driven survey tool designed to streamline and simplify the survey creation process for businesses. Our tool effortlessly generates high-quality questions tailored to your survey topic, saving both time and resources.

Pricing: Paid,$15/mo
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Location: United States of America
Release time: Nov. 2019


  • Beat writer’s block: Overcome writer’s block with our AI, which generates high-quality questions specifically tailored to your survey topic, eliminating the frustration of crafting survey questions.
  • Save hours: Save significant time by automatically generating survey questions within seconds or minutes. Free up your team to focus on serving clients and customers rather than spending hours on survey creation.
  • Remove bias: Delegate the generation of challenging questions to machines, ensuring unbiased data collection and facilitating better decision-making for your business.

Use Cases:

  • Data Collection: Leverage our AI-driven survey tool to create surveys by analyzing vast amounts of data, curating the best questions for obtaining quality results from human respondents.
  • Market Research: Utilize BlockSurvey’s AI-powered surveys to gather accurate and unbiased information about consumer preferences and market trends, enhancing your market research efforts.
  • Employee Engagement: Enhance employee engagement by surveying your workforce, gathering valuable feedback and insights on job satisfaction, company culture, and other crucial factors.

BlockSurvey’s AI-driven survey tool simplifies and accelerates the survey creation process, providing time and cost savings, eliminating bias, and facilitating data collection for more informed decision-making. Businesses can leverage this versatile tool for various use cases, including market research, employee engagement, and beyond.

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