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Skills AI Chat AI: Revolutionizing Data Analytics with Artificial Intelligence

Skills AI Chat AI is an advanced data analytics platform powered by artificial intelligence, enabling users to interact with their data using natural language. It prioritizes data security and simplifies data analysis, making informed decision-making a breeze.

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Release time: Dec. 2017


  • AI-Powered Data Conversations: Engage in direct, 24/7 data conversations using natural language with our AI interface. Receive instant answers to your data-related queries whenever you need them.
  • Rapid and Efficient Data Processing: Bid farewell to lengthy data compilation. Crunch numbers and generate charts within minutes, allowing you to complete your tasks sooner than ever.
  • Empower Your Team with Data: Equip your team with on-demand access to the data they require for making strategic decisions and uncovering valuable insights. Your colleagues can dive directly into the data pool.
  • Uncompromising Data Security: Our topmost priority is the security of your data. All data is encrypted and securely stored on AWS, ensuring complete confidentiality, integrity, and accessibility.

Use Cases:

  • AI-Powered Analytics for Startups: Leverage our AI data analytics solution to analyze your startup’s performance and trends effectively.
  • Real Estate Market Insights: Stay updated with the latest housing market trends in various US metro areas through Skills AI Chat AI.
  • Educational Data Visualization: Skills AI Chat AI can reveal insights into the earnings of US college graduates and other education-related data through interactive visualizations.
  • Social Issue Analysis: Gain a deeper understanding of major social issues, from the US-Mexico border crisis to US mass shootings, through data visualizations and analysis on the Skills AI Chat AI platform.

Skills AI Chat AI is your ultimate destination for AI-powered data analytics, offering secure data conversations and visualizations that streamline data-driven decision-making. Establish a meaningful connection with your data.

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