SheetGod: Revolutionizing Excel Formulas with AI

SheetGod is an innovative AI-powered tool that translates English into Excel formulas, empowering users to effortlessly create complex formulas and automate tasks with unparalleled ease.

Pricing: Freemium,$29/mo
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Location: Reykjavik,Iceland
Release time: Apr. 2022


  • AI-Powered Formulas: Leverage SheetGod’s AI capabilities to transform plain English into Excel formulas, streamlining the process and saving valuable time when handling data in Excel.
  • Automate Tasks with Code: SheetGod can generate Appscript and VBA code, automating tasks in Google Sheets and Excel. This feature simplifies the management of large datasets, enhancing efficiency.
  • Extract Data with Regex: Harness the power of regular expressions with SheetGod, enabling users to extract specific information from their data and apply intricate transformations for enhanced data manipulation.
  • Learn with Tutorials: SheetGod offers step-by-step tutorials for fundamental tasks in Excel and Google Sheets, providing users with a comprehensive guide to effectively utilize these tools.
  • Communicate with Emails and PDFs: SheetGod facilitates the sending of marketing emails and the bulk generation of PDFs, enabling users to leverage their data for effective communication with customers and report creation.
  • Create Add-Ons with SheetGod: SheetGod empowers users to develop Google Workspace Add-Ons and Microsoft Excel Add-Ins, extending the functionality of their spreadsheets and automating an even wider range of tasks.

Use Cases:

  • Excel Formulas Made Easy: SheetGod simplifies the creation of complex Excel formulas using plain English, enhancing efficiency and saving time when working with data in Excel.
  • Automate Tasks with Ease: With SheetGod, users can effortlessly generate Appscript and VBA code, automating tasks in Google Sheets and Excel, facilitating the management of large datasets.
  • Extract Data Efficiently: Utilize SheetGod’s support for regular expressions to efficiently extract specific information from data and apply complex transformations as needed.
  • Learn Excel and Google Sheets Easily: SheetGod provides step-by-step tutorials for basic tasks in Excel and Google Sheets, offering users a structured approach to mastering these tools.
  • Communicate with Customers Worldwide: Leverage SheetGod to send marketing emails and generate bulk PDFs, enabling effective communication with customers and facilitating report creation using data.
  • Extend the Functionality of Your Spreadsheets: SheetGod enables the creation of Google Workspace Add-Ons and Microsoft Excel Add-Ins, allowing users to automate additional tasks and boost productivity.

SheetGod stands as a game-changer for those seeking enhanced efficiency in Excel and Google Sheets. With its AI-powered formulas, task automation capabilities, regular expression support, step-by-step tutorials, and Add-On creation features, SheetGod is a versatile tool that not only saves time and effort but also aids in learning and expanding possibilities. Try SheetGod now and discover the transformative power of AI for Excel formulas and task automation.

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