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FormulaGenerator: Your Comprehensive Solution for Spreadsheet Challenges

Effortlessly generate intricate Excel formulas, VBA automations, and SQL queries using our free AI toolkit, powered by finely-tuned GPT models.

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Release time: Dec. 2022


  • Intuitive Interface to Create Complex Formulas: Generate Excel formulas quickly by entering text instructions into our intuitive interface.
  • Error Spotter and Explain Formula Features: Debug formulas and code for Excel and Google Sheets, and receive easy-to-understand explanations for better clarity.
  • Generate VBA, SQL, and Appscript Code: Select Excel or Google Sheets, and obtain flawless SQL code tailored to your prompt with basic inputs.
  • Answer Bot and Fine-Tuned AI App: Unleash the potential of OpenAI’s ChatGPT with FormulaGenerator’s AnswersBot. Create custom AI applications based on your industry or niche.
  • Google Sheets Add-On: Effortlessly generate and comprehend formulas within your spreadsheets. Receive prompt answers with the Q&A AnswersBot using our free Google Sheets Add-On.

Use Cases:

  • For Business: Develop custom AI applications for your industry or niche with our GPT Fine Tuning Service. Get swift answers to your questions using the AnswersBot.
  • For Individuals: Save time and effortlessly generate complex formulas with our intuitive interface. Receive clear explanations for better understanding.
  • For Google Sheets Users: Install our free Google Sheets Add-On to optimize your spreadsheets with generated formulas and benefit from the Q&A AnswersBot.

Bid farewell to spreadsheet challenges with FormulaGenerator’s AI-powered toolkit.

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