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Excelly-AI: Redefining Excel Formula Experience with AI Assistance

Effortlessly generate and comprehend Excel formulas with the power of AI-driven Excelly-AI. Upload your spreadsheets, receive formula explanations, and seamlessly convert between Excel and Google Sheets.

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  • Generate Formulas: Effortlessly create Excel and Google Sheets formulas with detailed explanations for each formula.
  • Upload Your Own Spreadsheets: Generate formulas based on your own spreadsheets, simplifying the process of crafting meaningful prompts.
  • Explain Formulas: Let Excelly-AI demystify intricate formulas, making them easier to understand and modify.
  • Generate VBA: Instantly create VBA formulas with the advanced capabilities of Excelly-AI.
  • Transform Formulas: Effortlessly convert any Excel formula into a Google Sheet formula, and vice versa.
  • Slack Integration: Enhance team productivity with Excelly-AI’s Slack integration, facilitating seamless collaboration and knowledge sharing.
  • Brand New Technology: Excelly-AI employs cutting-edge technology to handle even the most complex formulas with ease.
  • Support for Excel, Google Sheets, and VBA: Excelly-AI is compatible with Excel, Google Sheets, and VBA, catering to the diverse needs of all users.
  • Column Schema Specification and *.xlsx Upload: Specify column schemas in your spreadsheet for more meaningful prompts during formula generation.
  • Works for Teams of Any Size: Enhance your company’s Excel and Google Sheets knowledge base through Excelly-AI’s Slack integration.

Use Cases:

  • Effortlessly Generate Powerful Formulas: Save time by easily generating complex formulas and understanding them with Excelly-AI.
  • Improve Spreadsheet Prompts: Enhance prompts by generating formulas based on your own spreadsheets with Excelly-AI.
  • Simplify Formula Explanation: Let Excelly-AI explain complex formulas in a clear and concise manner, improving your understanding and modification of them.
  • Streamline VBA Formula Generation: Instantly generate VBA formulas using Excelly-AI’s advanced capabilities.
  • Seamless Formula Conversion: Effortlessly convert Excel formulas into Google Sheet formulas, and vice versa, with Excelly-AI.
  • Optimize Team Collaboration: Improve productivity and knowledge sharing within your team using Excelly-AI’s Slack integration.
  • Handle Complex Formulas with Ease: Leverage Excelly-AI’s cutting-edge technology to handle even the most complex formulas effortlessly.
  • Versatile Tool for Various Platforms: Excelly-AI supports Excel, Google Sheets, and VBA, making it a versatile choice for all users.
  • Write Meaningful Prompts: Specify column schemas in your spreadsheet to create more meaningful prompts for formula generation.
  • Improve Team Knowledge Base: Enhance your company’s Excel and Google Sheets knowledge base with Excelly-AI’s Slack integration.

Experience a revolution in your Excel formula workflow with Excelly-AI, offering AI-powered assistance and seamless integration for enhanced productivity and understanding. Try it for free now!

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