Respondable: Elevate Your Email Writing with Boomerang for Gmail

Unlock the power of Respondable, an AI-powered assistant designed to enhance your email writing skills in real-time. Receive actionable advice and gain insights into your writing style, enabling you to craft compelling messages with precision.

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Release time: Nov. 2010


  • Understand Your Writing Style: Gain valuable insights into your unique writing style and learn to adapt for maximum impact.
  • Learn to Write the Best Emails: Let Respondable guide you in improving your emails with actionable advice provided as you write.
  • Strike the Right Tone: Discover the ideal balance of politeness, positivity, and subjectivity to enhance the effectiveness of your emails.
  • Craft Perfect Messages: Write flawless emails with advice generated from the analysis of millions of messages, significantly boosting your response rate.
  • Real-Time Actionable Advice: Experience real-time predictions on the likelihood of receiving a response, accompanied by easy-to-understand explanations, as you compose emails.

Use Cases:

  • Emailing Your Boss: Perfect the art of striking the right tone when emailing your boss, increasing your chances of receiving a prompt and positive response for crucial information.
  • Outreach to Clients or Business Partners: Craft impeccable outreach emails to new clients, potential hires, or business partners, leveraging actionable advice and insights into your writing style.

With Respondable, you can elevate your email writing skills by receiving real-time, AI-powered advice. Whether communicating with your boss, reaching out to clients or business partners, or simply aiming to enhance your email writing proficiency, Respondable provides the insight and guidance you need.

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