Chatty: Transforming Email Management

Chatty, an advanced email management tool, redefines how you handle emails by streamlining, personalizing, and simplifying your communication. Enjoy rapid replies, customizable tones, professional AI-generated messages, and seamless integration with Gmail. Stay tuned for Chatty's upcoming attachment summarizer and tone selector.

Semrush rank: 1 billion
Location: Toronto,Canada
Release time: Apr. 2023


  • Streamlined Responses: Experience streamlined email communication with Chatty, facilitating faster responses and saving valuable time.
  • Customizable Tones: Easily personalize your email messages with Chatty’s customizable tone options, ensuring your unique voice shines through.
  • Professional AI-Generated Messages: Improve your email communication with professionally curated AI-generated responses, adding a polished touch to your messages.
  • Gmail Extension: Seamlessly integrate Chatty’s Gmail extension with your inbox for quick replies and enhanced functionality within the Gmail environment.
  • Attachment Summarizer *(Coming Soon)*: Soon, Chatty will offer an attachment summarizer, providing brief summaries without the need to open files.
  • Tone Selector *(Coming Soon)*: Adjust the tone of your email responses with Chatty’s upcoming Tone Selector, tailoring your messages to the nature of the communication or your personal style.
  • Flexible Pricing Plans: Choose from two flexible pricing structures designed to meet your unique needs, whether you’re a novice or a power user.

Use Cases:

  • Handling Heavy Email Traffic: Efficiently manage and respond to a high volume of emails with Chatty’s assistance.
  • Personalizing Communication: Tailor your email tone to match your unique voice, ensuring personalized and authentic communication.
  • Effortless Professional Communication: Craft professional and articulate responses effortlessly using AI-generated messages to maintain a polished email tone.
  • Gmail Interactions: Effortlessly manage your Gmail inbox with Chatty’s seamless integration, enhancing your email management experience.
  • Understanding Attachments: Receive summaries of attachments, both current and future, without the need to open files, adding a new layer of convenience to your email communication.

Bid farewell to email overload. Chatty offers a comprehensive solution to streamline, personalize, and manage your email communication. Embrace Chatty and discover a revolutionary approach to email management.

Chatty Alternatives:

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