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Ortto AI: Revolutionizing Marketing Automation with AI

Unlock the potential of AI with Ortto, a powerful marketing automation tool that predicts email open rates, offers compelling subject line suggestions, and provides access to royalty-free images. Schedule a demo now!

Pricing: Paid,$99/mo
Semrush rank: 680.4k
Location: San Francisco,United States of America
Release time: Jan. 2016


  • Email Marketing: Enhance your email marketing strategy with AI-generated subject line suggestions and accurate predictions of email open rates.
  • SMS Marketing: Effortlessly send marketing messages via SMS, reaching your audience on their preferred communication channel.
  • Push Notifications: Connect with customers through impactful push notifications, optimizing your outreach strategy.
  • Live Chat: Provide swift and precise responses using AI-generated suggestions, ensuring an efficient and personalized customer interaction.
  • Inbox: Streamline customer interactions by managing all communication channels in one comprehensive omnichannel inbox.
  • Popups, Forms & Surveys: Engage customers effectively through well-designed popups, forms, and surveys, enhancing your understanding of their preferences.
  • Fit & Engagement Scoring: Utilize scoring techniques to measure customer fit and engagement, enabling targeted and personalized interactions.
  • Security & Privacy: Prioritize the security and privacy of customer data to build trust and compliance with data protection standards.

Use Cases:

  • AI Subject Line Writer: Optimize your email campaigns with AI-generated subject lines that improve open rates and capture audience attention.
  • Optimize Messages on the Fly: Receive dynamic content recommendations for push notifications and SMS messages, ensuring your messaging stays relevant and impactful.
  • Auto-generate Live Chat Content: Automatically suggest replies for live chat interactions based on website content and past interactions, ensuring quick and accurate responses.
  • Train a Custom AI Model: Enhance AI suggestions by training a custom model on website content and past tickets, tailoring recommendations to your specific needs.

Ortto AI empowers marketers with cutting-edge AI tools to scale the impact of their campaigns. Whether it’s an AI subject line writer or auto-generated content, Ortto enables marketers to optimize messaging and engage customers more effectively.

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