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Elevate Your Business with Purple Wave: AI-Powered Digital Marketing Revolution

Purple Wave introduces a cutting-edge AI-driven approach to empower businesses. Instantly create all your marketing assets, from comprehensive sales funnels to sales pages and email campaigns, gaining a strategic advantage in the dynamic digital landscape.

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Release time: Oct. 2020


  • Revolutionary Automation Platform: Effortlessly automate your email campaigns, from crafting personalized welcome messages to recovering abandoned carts, Purple Wave handles it all for you.
  • Enhanced Customer Engagement: Deliver precisely targeted and timely messages to fortify customer relationships and drive measurable results.
  • Efficient Campaign Management: Automate your campaigns for superior return on investment (ROI), optimized resource utilization, and consistent messaging.
  • Seamless Stripe Integration: Effortlessly manage payments, subscriptions, and one-click upselling without any coding. Simply link your Stripe account with Purple Wave.
  • Your Custom Apps on iOS and Android: Swiftly launch your applications on both Apple Store and Google Play, gaining access to millions of potential users.
  • Rapid Three-Step Page Generation: Generate your complete sales funnel with our AI in mere minutes. It handles everything from copywriting to design and development for your sales pages.

Use Cases:

  • Digital Marketing Excellence: Empower your digital marketing team with innovative tools to outshine competitors in the fast-paced marketplace.
  • Effortless Funnel Creation: Craft full-fledged sales funnels swiftly with the assistance of our AI-driven solution.
  • Your Branded Storefronts: Create and launch your personalized apps on iOS and Android platforms, expanding your reach to millions of potential users.
  • Email Marketing Mastery: Unleash the full potential of your email campaigns using our automation platform to drive customer engagement and conversions.
  • Revenue Maximization: Elevate your conversion rates and revenue with our one-click upsell functionality and seamless Stripe integration.

Purple Wave’s advanced and automated digital marketing solutions streamline your operations, enabling faster development and quicker launches, ultimately driving stronger business growth. Acquire the complete package to optimize your email campaigns, craft comprehensive sales funnels, launch your custom apps, and efficiently handle payments.

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