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Experience the all-encompassing power of Postaga, an AI-driven platform for seamless sales outreach and link building. Unlock the potential to construct personalized outreach campaigns and effortlessly connect with the ideal websites, bloggers, podcasters, and businesses.

Pricing: Free Trial,$ 84/mo
Semrush rank: 973.4k
Location: Reykjavik,Iceland
Release time: May. 2016


  • AI-Powered Personalized Outreach: Postaga’s AI assistant extracts key snippets and information, enabling users to construct personalized outreach campaigns that stand out from generic, spammy templates.
  • CRM for Streamlined Outreach Management: Utilize the Postaga CRM to stay organized, manage open opportunities, and track results effectively, ensuring a well-coordinated and efficient outreach process.
  • AI-Enhanced Opportunity and Contact Identification: Leverage Postaga’s analytical capabilities to identify opportunities and discover the right contacts, complete with email addresses, Twitter handles, and LinkedIn profiles.
  • Automated Follow-Up Sequences: Empower your outreach strategy with Postaga’s automatic follow-up sequences, allowing users to build sequences that adapt based on recipient responses, enhancing response rates and saving valuable time.

Use Cases:

  • Sales Excellence: Postaga facilitates lead generation and enables users to conduct highly effective sales outreach campaigns, boosting sales efforts and outcomes.
  • Strategic Link Building: Empower your link building initiatives with Postaga, which aids in identifying targeted opportunities for impactful link building outreach campaigns.
  • Content Promotion Mastery: Leverage Postaga’s capabilities to promote content through personalized and effective outreach campaigns, ensuring your message reaches the right audience.
  • Public Relations Success: For public relations outreach, Postaga assists users in finding and connecting with relevant bloggers, podcasters, and businesses, enhancing the effectiveness of PR campaigns.

Postaga stands as a user-friendly and AI-powered outreach and link building platform, empowering users to construct superior personalized campaigns, identify the right contacts, and manage outreach efforts efficiently. With automatic follow-up sequences, users can elevate response rates and optimize their time utilization. With 10 diverse campaign types, Postaga is the ideal choice for business owners, marketers, and anyone involved in outreach initiatives.

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