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People AI: Accelerate Your Journey to Revenue Success

Embark on the fastest path to revenue success with People AI's holistic solution, seamlessly integrating automated activity capture, account, and opportunity management. Elevate your go-to-market (GTM) strategy with the power of's revenue intelligence solution, enhancing pipeline execution through enriched and accurate data.

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Location: Redwood City,United States of America
Release time: Dec. 2017


  • Data Foundation: Leverage automated activity capture to supercharge pipeline creation, ensuring complete and accurate data on every GTM engagement.
  • Revenue Solutions: From meticulous account planning to streamlined opportunity management, optimize deal execution directly within your CRM for enhanced revenue outcomes.
  • PeopleGlass: Update your CRM in seconds with a single view, liberating time for revenue-generating activities by simplifying data management.
  • Platform Trust & Security: Rely on data you can trust, fortified by the robust security and compliance measures necessary for peace of mind.
  • Partners and Integrations: Experience the omnipotent capabilities of seamlessly integrated wherever you work, enhancing your workflow efficiency.

Use Cases:

  • By Team: Sales – Achieve unprecedented revenue targets effortlessly.
    Revenue Operations – Ensure predictable growth across your entire GTM strategy.
    Enablement – Transform every representative into a swift revenue generator.
    Marketing – Uncover the genuine influence of your marketing efforts.
  • By Industry: High Tech – Gain a competitive edge by understanding best practices throughout your GTM organization.
    Life Sciences – Operationalize your extensive and intricate sales cycle.
    Manufacturing – Revolutionize your GTM engine with the prowess of digital automation.
    Telecommunications – AI-driven insights for comprehensive connectivity in your work environment.
  • By Use Case: Identify at Risk Revenue – Efficiently manage Account Plans, Relationship Maps, & Whitespace.
    Empower Sales Leader Coaching – Enhance Opportunity Qualification.
    Validate Key Persona Engagement – Fuel High-Value Marketing Activities.
    Customer Experience – Customer Success – Customer Stories – Hear from individuals who leverage data to secure more revenue.
    Customer Support – Professional Services – Attain unmatched expertise to accelerate ROI and advance your GTM maturity.
    University – Access comprehensive, on-demand training to maximize your investment.
    Support – Tap into the knowledge of experienced professionals with deep product expertise.

Adopt a data-driven approach with to take the fastest path to revenue. Enhance pipeline creation and tighten deal execution, propelling your organization to secure more revenue.

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