Revolutionizing Productivity with Automated Meeting Notes and Transcription

Experience a new era of efficiency with, harnessing the power of artificial intelligence to deliver automatic meeting notes, real-time transcription, and automated slide capture for businesses and educational institutions. Trusted by product, sales, and media teams, elevates productivity and communication in professional environments.

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  • Automatic Meeting Notes: seamlessly transcribes spoken content into text during meetings, ensuring efficient record-keeping and fostering team alignment.
  • Real-time Transcription: Capture verbal content in real-time with’s live recording and transcription feature. Enhance productivity by never missing key points during crucial meetings.
  • Automated Slide Capture: Experience automated capture and insertion of shared slides during virtual meetings with, providing a comprehensive context to the discussed content.
  • Live Summary: Eliminate the worry of missing important discussions as generates a real-time summary during meetings, promptly emailing it after the meeting concludes.
  • OtterPilot for Sales: Empower sales teams with OtterPilot for Sales, extracting valuable Sales Insights, drafting follow-up emails, and seamlessly integrating call notes with Salesforce for streamlined operations.

Use Cases:

  • Business Meetings: In businesses,’s real-time automated notes and audio transcription ensure efficient communication and team alignment on key deliverables.
  • Education: emerges as a pivotal tool in education, providing real-time captions and notes for both in-person and virtual lectures or meetings.
  • Media Teams: Empower media teams with detailed notes, facilitating the creation of compelling stories with
  • Sales Teams: Accelerate deal closures and customer onboarding with OtterPilot for Sales, enhancing the efficiency of sales teams. stands as a revolutionary tool for businesses and educational institutions, leveraging AI to automate note-taking and transcription during meetings. Its rich array of features, including real-time transcription, automated slide capture, and sales insights, positions it as the ultimate choice for enhancing productivity in the professional space. Alternatives: Related Articles:

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