Leelo AI: Revolutionizing Content with Powerful Text-to-Speech Technology

Experience the transformative potential of your voice with Leelo AI. Our cutting-edge tool converts your text into lifelike speech, enhancing content consumption and captivating your audience in unprecedented ways.

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Release time: Nov. 2022


  • Incredible Diversity: Choose from a vast selection of over 800 distinct voices spanning 142 languages, ensuring you find the perfect tone for your audio content.
  • Superior User Experience: Effortlessly manage your audio files, export them for use on various platforms, and enjoy cloud storage for convenient access anytime, anywhere.
  • Emotion-Infused Voices: Infuse genuine human emotions into your content using our advanced AI technology, creating a deeply engaging auditory experience for your audience.
  • Commercial Use: Enjoy the freedom of free commercial use for the speech files generated using Leelo AI, empowering your business without constraints.
  • Speech in 142 Languages: Broaden your audience reach with Leelo supporting speech generation in 142 languages, ensuring global accessibility.
  • Leelo AI Widget: Enhance user experience on your website by embedding Leelo AI’s article reader widget, providing dynamic and versatile voices for content consumption.

Use Cases:

  • Video Ads: Elevate your video ads with engaging AI-generated voiceovers that captivate and ignite curiosity among viewers.
  • Documentaries: Craft compelling documentaries with sophisticated AI voiceovers that seamlessly match the thematic elements of your narrative.
  • Audiobooks: Transform your narratives into immersive audiobooks with the natural-sounding AI voices provided by Leelo.
  • Newscasts: Deliver authoritative news bulletins with the powerful voiceovers of Leelo AI, enhancing your news broadcasting.
  • Podcasts: Make your podcasts more engaging with dynamic and versatile AI voices that bring your content to life.
  • Sales Videos: Boost your sales efforts with persuasive AI voiceovers that enhance the impact of your videos.
  • E-Learning: Facilitate comprehension and enhance the learning experience with articulate AI voiceovers in educational content.

Embark on your transformative journey with Leelo AI today and revolutionize the way you communicate. Elevate your business with the unparalleled power of AI-generated speech.

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