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Azure AI | Speech Studio - Elevate Customer Experiences with Transcription and Voice Services

Empower your speech service requirements with the all-encompassing Azure AI Speech Studio. Unlock a plethora of cutting-edge features, including text-to-speech, real-time transcription, and custom voice capabilities, ensuring the delivery of unparalleled customer experiences.

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  • Speech to Text: Swiftly and accurately transcribe audio in over 100 languages and dialects, enhancing precision with a customizable model.
  • Real-time Speech to Text: Explore live transcription capabilities on your own audio without the need for coding, ensuring real-time insights.
  • Custom Speech: Tailor your speech-to-text model to specific speaking styles, vocabularies, and more, ensuring adaptability to diverse requirements.
  • Speech Translation: Efficiently translate speech into your preferred languages with minimal latency, broadening the reach of your content.
  • Text to Speech: Construct applications that speak naturally in 140 languages and dialects, featuring over 400 expressive voices.
  • Custom Voice: Craft a distinctive voice for your applications using your own audio recordings, adding a personalized touch to your projects.

Use Cases:

  • Broadcast Captioning: Enhance accessibility by converting audio content into text using Speech to Text, making broadcasts more inclusive.
  • Post Call Transcription and Analytics: Transcribe call center recordings to extract valuable insights such as PII, sentiment analysis, and call summaries.
  • Audio Content Creation: Refine speech nuances by adjusting speaking style, pacing, and pronunciation for a customized and engaging audio content creation process.
  • Voice Assistant: Integrate a conversational interface into your applications, allowing users to control products using voice commands seamlessly.

Azure AI’s Speech Studio introduces innovative features like real-time transcription, custom voice creation, and speech translation, enhancing the functionality and elevating user experiences across your applications.

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