OpenDAN: Your Personal AI Operating System

OpenDAN is an open-source Personal AI OS that brings together various AI modules in one convenient platform for your personal use.

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Location: United States of America
Release time: Oct. 2007


  • Hardware Optimization: Optimize for specific hardware to ensure smooth local execution of a wide range of open-source AI applications.
  • AI App Marketplace: Access an open AI app marketplace for easy, one-click installation and management of diverse AI applications, simplifying user access and control.
  • AI Model Hub: Access a unified hub for AI model search, download, and access control, making it effortless to discover and use models tailored to your specific needs.
  • Privacy Protection and Management: Rigorously manage personal data, including family albums, chat records, and social media data, offering a unified interface for controlling data access by AI applications.
  • Integrated AI Tools: Empower users to create their voice models, Lora models, and knowledge models using their own data with dedicated tools.
  • AI Butler Assistant: An AI assistant driven by a powerful language model, capable of completing tasks through natural language interaction.
  • Development Framework: Provide a development framework for crafting customized AI assistants, making it easy for developers to create unique AI applications tailored to users’ specific needs.

Use Cases:

  • Optimized Hardware Performance: Leverage hardware-specific optimization to ensure your AI applications run seamlessly on your devices.
  • AI App Management: Effortlessly find, install, and manage AI applications through the OpenDAN AI App Marketplace.
  • AI Model Selection: Choose and utilize AI models that fit your requirements from the centralized AI Model Hub.
  • Data Privacy Control: Take charge of your personal data and its accessibility by various AI applications, ensuring privacy protection.
  • Personalized AI Development: Train and develop personalized AI models for various purposes using your own data with integrated AI tools.
  • AI Assistant Interaction: Interact with the AI Butler Assistant using natural language for task completion and assistance.
  • Custom AI Development: Develop customized AI applications and assistants tailored to your specific needs using the OpenDAN Development Framework.

OpenDAN is a robust and versatile Personal AI OS that brings together a variety of AI modules, providing optimized performance, privacy protection, and easy customization.

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