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Baseplate AI: Seamlessly Integrate Your Data with AI Applications

Simplify the creation of AI applications with Baseplate AI. Seamlessly connect your data using an intuitive UI or API, embed and store a variety of content, and fine-tune hybrid search for precise results.

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  • Effortless Data Embedding and Storage: Baseplate AI simplifies the embedding and storage of diverse data types, including documents and images, streamlining your data retrieval processes.
  • Streamlined Data Connection via UI or API: Baseplate AI manages data connection, embedding, storage, version control, and synchronization, ensuring your data is always current and synchronized.
  • Customized Hybrid Search for Precision: Tailor hybrid search with custom embeddings tuned to your specific data, ensuring accurate search results across data types, sizes, and domains.
  • Direct LLM Prompts with Database Data: Easily connect search results to prompts via the App Builder, allowing you to prompt LLMs with data directly from your database.
  • Effortless App Deployment: Deploy your application with a few simple clicks using Baseplate AI. Collect logs, human feedback, and more through Baseplate Endpoints.
  • Unified Hybrid Database Management: Baseplate Databases enable you to embed and store your data in the same table as other app components, simplifying data management.
  • Effortless Vector Database Management: Edit your vectors through the user interface or programmatically, with Baseplate AI ensuring data versioning to prevent outdated or duplicate information.
  • Multimodal LLM Responses: Baseplate AI’s APIs facilitate the generation of relevant and dependable thumbnails, links, sources, and more as responses to user queries.

Use Cases:

  • Efficient Knowledge Base Creation: Baseplate AI streamlines the creation and management of knowledge bases by simplifying the embedding and storage of diverse data types.
  • Building AI-Powered Applications: Effortlessly connect your data to AI applications with Baseplate AI’s dependable data connection, storage, and synchronization capabilities.
  • Enhanced Search Capabilities: Achieve precise and efficient search results by customizing hybrid search embeddings to align with your specific data requirements.

Baseplate AI simplifies the process of connecting data to AI applications, offering features for embedding, storage, customized search, and more.

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