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Revolutionize Your Blog Outreach with Mentioned AI

Mentioned, your go-to app for automating email outreach, scans your blog content to pinpoint individuals and companies you've referenced. It effortlessly executes email campaigns, fostering relationships, enhancing brand awareness, and securing valuable backlinks—all while sparing you time. Simple, yet robust, Mentioned eliminates the manual hassles of contact discovery and email composition.

Pricing: Paid,$ 49/mo.
Semrush rank: 40.6m
Location: Tempe,United States of America
Release time: Nov. 2022


  • Simple, Yet Powerful: Experience potent outcomes with automated outreach campaigns. Mentioned streamlines the laborious tasks of contact identification and email composition for everyone referenced in your content.
  • Automated Process: Mentioned streamlines the entire workflow, from identifying contact details to crafting and dispatching emails, liberating you from hours of manual effort.
  • Builds Relationships: Mentioning individuals and their companies in your blog posts serves as a catalyst for building meaningful relationships with new connections.
  • Builds Brand Awareness: Boost your company’s growth by augmenting brand awareness. A wider audience cognizant of your company increases the likelihood of referrals.
  • Builds Backlinks: Mentions in your posts increase the likelihood of others sharing your article. If your content is valuable, they may reference it in their own, providing valuable backlinks.
  • Saves You Time: Bid farewell to the tedious hours spent scouring for contact details and sending individual emails. Automate the entire process effortlessly with Mentioned.

Use Cases:

  • For Marketers: Marketers leverage Mentioned to automate email outreach campaigns, amplifying brand awareness.
  • For Designers: Designers enhance relationships by spotlighting clients in blog posts and streamline outreach with Mentioned.
  • For Writers: Writers employ Mentioned to fortify backlinks and relationships by referencing individuals and companies in blog posts.
  • For Bloggers: Bloggers harness Mentioned to automate email outreach, fostering brand awareness, backlinks, and relationships.

Empower your blog outreach strategy with Mentioned—a robust app that automates email outreach, cultivating relationships, brand awareness, and backlinks effortlessly. With Mentioned, connecting with individuals and companies featured in your content becomes a breeze, propelling your online presence to new heights. Explore the transformative results by trying Mentioned today!

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